My name is Osnat Wende

Registered Pain Relief Specialist
with a focused interest in the
treatment of Musculoskeletal

Various therapeutic techniques used …


What is Musculoskeletal Medicine

MSM in contrast to traditional orthopedics addresses the musculoskeletal system as a whole functional unit. It assesses and treats the dysfunction of bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, muscle and fascia


Pain arising from muscles, ligaments and tendons

These soft tissues are not only capable of generating debilitating pain but if neglected may lead to further musculoskeletal dysfunction and deterioration in mobility and stability


Helping your body heal


With the help of the correct conventional therapeutic methods the body has amazing powers to heal itself. Dry needling, prolotherapy and platelet rich plasma injections are various techniques which can strengthen weakened tissues and even heal partially torn tendons and ligaments

Welcome to my Clinic

I do not treat MRI and CT images in my clinic. I treat people! This is fundamentally important as usually there are multiple factors contributing to the pain and most of these are not seen on any imaging. The emphasis is given to a very methodical clinical evaluation to try and determine the causes of your pain

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During your consultation with me I will:

  • Perform a very thorough clinical examination
  • In most cases reach a specific diagnosis of the contributing factors to your pain
  • Define a specific course of treatment tailored to your individual complaint
  • Recommend exercises that are specific for you individually in order to prevent relapse of pain
  • Recommend ways to improve posture, gait and ergonomic issues
  • Offer you a good chance for a return to improved function and quality of life

To book an appointment please call:

Briuta (Mevasseret Zion): 02-585-2300
Sharap (Hadassah): 02-677-8899

It is all about Swinging Back To Life