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zoom_USI have nothing left to say except to praise her and to wish you (Prof. Davidson, the head of the pain clinic) that G-d willing there should be many more doctors like her in your clinic of which you are head.

A 67 year old lady with recurrent low back pain which was treated by various invasive techniques under X-ray in other hospitals. These treatments gave her no relief at all. She improved tremendously after I treated her neck, lower back and shoulder with a combination of prolotherapy and IMS.

I wanted to thank with all my heart the pain clinic and particularly Dr Wende that after 2 treatments I already feel tremendous relief of my shoulder pain and function and this was also told to me by the physiotherapy department. I was told by the orthopedic surgeon that now I may not need an operation.

56 year old lady with a complete tear of her rotator cuff tendon in the left shoulder, suffering from pain for a year. She was told that at her age she must have an operation to repair the tear. After a single treatment of prolotherapy and dry needling her range of motion improved from 10 degrees to 160 degrees. After two treatments she felt tremendous improvement. At this stage the orthopedic surgeon actually admitted that she did not really require an operation.

She [Dr Wende] has the ability to solve difficult problems so easily and and with so much calm and rare patience, with assertiveness with the rare perseverance to solve the problem.

A 44 year old man who 2 years prior to seeing me underwent an inguinal hernia repair operation. The operation unfortunately led to a complication of nerve damage – a complication that occurs in 12% of these operations. He had been given various treatments prior to coming to my clinic with no relief.

Thank you so much for rescuing me from such severe pain.

Monique is a 46 year old lady who worked as a baker and suffered severe low back pain radiating down the left thigh and leg for 12 months. Her pain was so severe that she was using a walking stick. She opted to enter my research study comparing sugar injections to epidural injections for the treatment of low back pain radiating to the leg. She was very happy with the improvement in her function, is now suffered from much less pain and is now able to walk without a stick. Each and every time she came for treatment she brought with her a self-made cheese cake (that my husband enjoyed very much).

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